The NEW Phase

The NEW Phase

New Year, new you. As usual, we’re all excited about turning over a new leaf with all of our New Year Resolutions. Yet repetitively, year after year, we’re unsuccessful at completing them. What is that? Why can’t we seem to make it to the next level? One of the reasons we fail to progress consistently is our inability or struggle to die to self. When you pray for more, your capacity to receive has to enlarge. Consequently, you will be broken, stretched and gutted out. Because the process is so painful, most people opt out before the phase is complete. Nothing had the chance to actually become new, because of the proclivity to default to the old, thus remaining the same.

Some of you reading this right now have forfeited your next level for the comfort of the familiar, most of your lives. However, there is something strangely different about this year. It’s as if you really are tired of being sick and tired. Really tired! So much so that you’re ready to go to the next phase of life. In order to even consider such a thing you must understand the definition of the word phase.


a distinct period or stage in a process of change or forming part of something's development.

First, it’s a distinct period. No matter what you’ve been, who you’ve been with or what you’ve done, it’s all in the past. No matter if you’ve tried and failed before, that’s behind you as well. You’re fed up with your life like never before because it’s a distinct time to change it!

A phase is also a process of change. That means entering a new place and era in your life will be a process. Think about it, it took a lifetime to get where you are. Allow God the time to refine you to receive the blessings in store so that when you get it, you won’t lose or destroy it.

It also says a phase is the forming part of something’s development. This part of the process is generally painful. Here is where God puts you in front of the mirror of his word and if you don’t look like him, he strips away the false image you call self. After he reveals to you who you really are, you will see life, people, places and things differently. This spiritual awakening is so important during your process. It will hurt to know how foolish you may have been. But don’t dismay, whatever you were, you are no longer. Then your spiritual eye (the Holy Spirit) will expose people to you that no longer need to be in your life.

Second to God showing you, you, the most painful part is when God phases out relationships. That could mean family, friends, love and even business relationships. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been friends for 30, 40yrs, sometimes God will phase them out because they’re not conducive to your next level. It could be a partner you love with all of your heart. Same thing, God may phase them out. If God starts removing people, thank him and accept it. Sometimes, we don’t really know people like we think we do. You never know if a person secretly desires for you to fail…not because they dislike you but because they envy your growth. Consequently, their spirit could be quenching your fire and delaying your new phase.

New anything for some people is very scary. They’ve been in the same neighborhood all of their lives, same friends, same circle. If God is bringing you into a new phase this year, don’t be afraid…get excited! Your spirit s crying out for it! Leave your circle… it’s a circle for crying out loud! Your spirit is probably dizzy with mild insanity because of the same ole same ole!

Finally my friends, in this new phase don’t do it alone. Let God do the work. In physics, a force (this would be God) is said to do work if, when acting on a body (You), there is a displacement of the point of application in the direction of the force.

God never intended for you to manifest your hopes and dreams on your own. God is the force that empowers you to do so. We give God our faith and he does the work through you and for you! Have blessed NEW Year!

Written by Jordi Bostock, author of the Best Selling Book, Single on Purpose

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