The Love Issue

One particular topic that has been on the forefront of our society today is relationships. It used to be so simple… go to school, get a job, boy meets girl, fall in love then get married (so most of us thought). How did the idea of falling LOVE become an issue?

Upon deeper introspection, the issue is not a LOVE problem. The true culprit is the state of an identity crisis. Single women for the most part, have forgotten who they really are…royalty. You’re a daughter of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! God IS LOVE! That means your very being consist of love. Therefore, you should be able to IDENTIFY IT WHEN YOU SEE IT. The fact is women who struggle with love don’t KNOW love at all. They’ve mistaken love with like a lot, affection, sex and attention.

Here’s a great example. There’s this guy I know, tall handsome, educated, great career and single. Let’s call him Marcus. Recently divorced a little over a year, he finally decided to get out the house and mingle. There was a woman he was attracted to, (we’ll call her Sally) whom he took out to dinner and a game followed by a night cap at his place (which he later admitted was a bad idea). Once inside Sally excuses herself and goes into the bathroom (which is in his bedroom). When she came out, she takes off her earrings, put it on his dresser, stands there and signals him to come to bed with her.

Marcus, a little taken aback (because he’s been out of the game for a while) told her that he wasn’t interested in going there with her. At this time (post divorce) in his life he’s trying to reestablish himself, reaffirm his own identity. Although she was shocked and embarrassed, Sally ignored his rejection and insisted he come to bed with her (Of course she thought that would change things). Before he was compelled to throw her out he explained; you’re a mother of two and I have too much respect for you to mess over your life. He knew he couldn’t be what she needed. He wasn’t going to marry her and love her the way she deserves, nor was he willing to be the father to her children.

Sally could not believe that a straight man would turn down her advances. Finally, subsequent to being rejected, kicked out his house and insulted she texts “after all that I still miss you”. Stunned, Marcus was like, huh?! Basically, you’re inviting me to dog you?! He says this with a devilish grin as I watch his character weaken. Admittedly, Marcus said between laughs, “well I’m not gonna keep passing on convenient, free…”

Clearly, this woman has issues. Truth be told, many of us have been in similar situations where we’ve lost ourselves following emotional foolishness. However, I want to deal with the love issue. Like almost every woman on the planet, this woman simply wanted to be loved. The scary part is she didn’t realize that HE WAS LOVING HER! Sally didn’t recognize LOVE because she didn’t love herself!

Sally’s issue is really an identity crisis. Her actions portraits a woman who is trying to fulfill a need in a way that is outside the character of LOVE. The very character she needs to be in order to receive it. Attempting to seduce Marcus is a form of manipulation, which is witchcraft. How so? Sally was attempting to take from Marcus what he wasn’t willing to give. That’s not love nor is it the behavior of a royal princess but of a whore.

Am I judging Sally? Absolutely not! Consequently, Sally’s oh so popular method of seduction contributes to the problem. We’ve all been there. However, truth is Love cannot be controlled or manipulated because GOD IS LOVE and you cannot control HIM! The sad part about Sally’s story and others like it is all she really wanted was intimacy, affection and love. Unfortunately her false identity robbed and betrayed her of it.

It’s time to rediscover your identity in LOVE. It’s not the men, the way you were treated, who was there, who wasn’t, and so on, you name it. Those are issues, get rid of them. Love never is nor will be an issue. Even in the bible, the woman with the issue of blood spent all she had trying to get rid of her issue. It wasn’t until she sought and touched true LOVE (GOD) that her issues disappeared. ~Jordi Bostock, Published author of the book Single on Purpose

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