Did it ever occur to you that maybe God allowed you to be single on purpose? Think about it...why haven’t your relationships worked? Why do you seem to meet the same type of guy, over and over again? How do you find your purpose and why do you need to? Are you ready to meet “the one”? Single on Purpose, answers questions like these and much, much more. Through scripture, God reveals an intricate system designed to mature you, feed you as well as the body of Christ, while simultaneously arranging your marriage with the man he has ordained for you from the beginning of time. Single on Purpose also explains how violation of the word of God have caused women to be stuck in the wilderness of dating. What should have taken 3 days took 40yrs! Too many women of God has disobeyed their heavenly Father by giving the best of themselves away; mind, body, soul, resources and time in a pathetic attempt to secure a man. As a result of they're bitter, desperate, insecure and alone. This is in total contradiction to the Lord’s divine plan for women of God. For whatever reason it hasn't occur to them that if they're single, they should be Single on Purpose. God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords strategically uses his royal daughters to enlarge his kingdom on earth. Men of God serve as sons while single and he must die to self to prove himself worthy of being king. That blood sacrifice appoints him king in the spirit. But in order to become king on earth he has to marry a daughter of the King. He cannot become a king and rule on earth without you. You see, your singleness is not an accident, it’s extremely strategic! Upon reading Single on Purpose you will: Learn that God prepares you and your future partner for marriage separately through service to him and arranges it without the dating model Discover that God has a divine all encompassing purpose and system of living specifically for single women Find out how to become a wife before marriage Understand the role of the wife, mother and daughter according to scripture. Marriage, single hood and parenthood etc., are offices. If you’re single, you have a job to do in that office as long as you’re in that position. Understand that the world system will never give you the true desire of your heart Learn how to sever demonic soul ties and why you need to do so See what the bible has to say about single women and their purpose Realize the importance and significance of the body Reveal the secrets to getting married to “the right one” Show you how to wait and why you are waiting Explain why some men have rejected you Reveal the10 step process for a complete turnaround

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