The key to having a great marriage is simpler than you think! I said simple, not easy. I can sum it up into four words; purpose, covenant, order, and love. You could be in love and covenant but out of order. Anything that’s out of order doesn’t work properly. Without purpose you have no drive no reason to drive, or direction. Consequently, love is built into the covenant. If you thought the affectionate Eros love for your spouse is enough to keep your marriage together, you are seriously fooling yourself. There’s no true love relationship without God. God must be the third cord keeping your marriage together. That means the Word and reverential fear of God should govern your decisions, feelings, perceptions, perspective, finances, and every aspect of your marriage. Things must be done HIS WAY. God created the institution of marriage on purpose. God uses families to create nations and overtake territory previously occupied by the enemy. He specifically, divinely connects a certain man and woman to produce godly offspring to inhabit and manage his kingdom in his stead until he returns. The I AM portion of the title represent the covenant agreement with The Great I AM (God) and you. It’s about personal accountability and allowing God a place in your marriage through your vow and obedience. When people struggle in their relationship, their behavior and choices are usually predicated on how their spouse treats them. However, when you say I AM Married on Purpose, you’re making the decision to honor your covenant by remaining faithful, loving, obedient and righteous even when your spouse is not doing any of the above on account of your vow. You’re committed to trusting God to be part of your marriage and I AM declaration. In the marriage covenant two becomes one. Being one with God through your covenant, means you become the physical EMBODIMENT of Christ himself every single day. Loving your spouse even when they’re not being very lovable or persist in dishonoring THEIR covenant.

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